I am a teacher, school leader, writer, and educational consultant. I am proud of my reputation as a dynamic and creative educator, recognized for visionary leadership, inspirational teaching, and a commitment to progressive education and innovative pedagogy.

I am considered an expert in project-based and online learning, and a strong advocate for engaged local, global, and digital citizenship. As part of a PBL unit in 2014-2015, my students helped pass a major bill through the Oregon state legislature. I am also one of the pioneers in blended and online learning within American independent schools. I began “flipping” class way back in 2001, and as an Online School for Girls teacher from year one, I helped establish a standard for student-centered e-Learning. I am both a practitioner and a scholar of progressive online learning, and have written about highly effective distance education. In February 2017, I was given the OESIS Network’s “Innovation Leader” award for my work in Digital Citizenship, Project-based Learning, and Interdisciplinary Curriculum & Instruction.

There is art in the act of teaching, and the enthusiasm I have for inspiring all learners motivates my creative approach. I also understand that education is a science, and can be understood and improved through systematic study. I am a trained instructor, with comprehensive preparation and student-teaching for a California Teaching Credential. I hold a Masters degree and an additional 45 graduate units in the field of Education. As a trained Schooling / Understanding by Design leader with several curriculum design and review projects on my CV, I am considered an expert on progressive, mission-focused curriculum development and program leadership.

I provide training and consulting in Project-Based Learning, Online/Blended Learning, Educational Technology, and Student-centered School Leadership. I have worked with schools and organizations all over the world. I present about PBL and e-Learning at major international, national and regional conferences, including ISTE, NAIS, OESIS, NWAIS, among others. I have received numerous teaching awards, including recognition as “Most Inspirational Teacher” by the Mayor of Los Angeles six times. My work has been featured on National Public Radio, Edutopia, and in several recent books. I was given the annual Friends of the Muslim Educational Trust Award in 2016 for envisioning and designing shared blended-online learning opportunities between students at an Episcopal independent school and students from the muslim community in the Pacific Northwest.

As an experienced leader in private-independent schools, I have been at the forefront of school decision-making on all issues related to academic and co-curricular programs. I am considered a master department chair, and I lead the ISM training program for new private-independent school department chairs. I have led numerous school improvement initiatives, including teams and task forces on progressive, learner-centered and 21st Century learning, online/blended learning, and on assessment. I have chaired an accreditation process, run athletic programs and academic departments, directed a large 12th grade retreat program, and in 2011 I co-founded EdCampPDX in Portland, Oregon.

I have completed the NAIS School Leadership Institute, and taken numerous courses in leadership, including ISM’s course on theory of private-independent school management. Currently I lead a PK-12 department and teach courses in History and Government in Portland.



Mike Gwaltney