December 8, 2016 Mike Gwaltney no responses

Collaborative Professionalism

Educational expert Michael Fullan wrote this week about his view of how schools can embrace the professional practices of a remarkable learning culture, and one that closely aligns with my view of how to create a school for the future. “Collaborative Professionalism” happens when educators commit to really work together and […]

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School Culture, Educating Citizens, Creating Democracy

Exactly 100 years ago, John Dewey claimed that a purpose for our schools should be the creation of citizens who share the highest values of democracy. Only education can bridge the distance between our “uncivilized” nature and the skills and habits of people who have learned to exist in a […]

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Talk to Strangers

Talking to strangers is certainly not something we encourage children to do, but importantly, talking with and understanding the “other” is essential for citizenship in a democracy. American schools generally understand that democracies need active, informed and responsible citizens who are willing and able to take responsibility for their communities […]

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November 9, 2016 Mike Gwaltney citizenship,election no responses

Educating Through an Election

Today was a hard day at work, trying to help students make sense of an election that for nearly 2 years has shown us some of the worst of American politics. An electoral campaign was in full swing in my first year as a classroom teacher (1992 election), and as a civics […]

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November 6, 2016 Mike Gwaltney 2 responses

Making Math Education Inquiry-based, Interdisciplinary, and Meaningful

A long-time member of my professional learning network, Alanna King, posted today about “wrestling with math.” Alanna’s son has found his way into the meat grinder that is math education in most schools, and she is thinking about his struggles in light of her reading of Building School 2.0 (recommended). We all […]

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