Math is dead. Long live Mathematics!

Recently I watched a TED talk which got me thinking about Mathematics in a way I hadn’t before. To cut straight to the video, scroll down. Let me be clear at the start of this post: I’ve had a difficult relationship with the academic subject area called “Math”. I did […]

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November 9, 2010 Mike Gwaltney one response

Global Education Conference 2010: Blended Learning for History and Social Science Classes

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone from six continents who joined the presentation at GlobalEdCon 2010!  Here are the slides from my presentation. Blend away! Blended learning global edcon2010 I’m lucky to have been chosen to present at the first annual Global Education Conference, happening online from November 15-19. I will be […]

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November 7, 2010 Mike Gwaltney collaboration,Creativity,innovation no responses

Changing Education Paradigms

This video from Sir Ken Robinson has been kicking around the web for about three weeks. I’ve shared it on Twitter, and with some colleagues and students on campus in L.A., and just about everyone loves it. Why does this resonate so strongly with teachers, most of whom seem to […]

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PBL, Real-World situations, and Reflection using ePortfolios

When I think about the best learning experiences I’ve ever had, I find that they share several important elements, including: 1. They were based on a problem that seemed important to my life outside of academia. That’s not to say these learning experiences didn’t have relevance to school, rather it’s […]

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Founder of “The Free Encyclopedia” Honored for Democratizing Knowledge

A Swiss organization has awarded Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales 100,000 Swiss francs ($104,000) for “democratizing the access to knowledge.” The founder of Wikipedia has created a tool that allows for access to humanity’s greatest resource – our collective knowledge – by making it available anywhere to anyone with internet access.  […]

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