November 9, 2016 Mike Gwaltney citizenship,election no responses

Educating Through an Election

Today was a hard day at work, trying to help students make sense of an election that for nearly 2 years has shown us some of the worst of American politics. An electoral campaign was in full swing in my first year as a classroom teacher (1992 election), and as a civics […]

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November 6, 2016 Mike Gwaltney 2 responses

Making Math Education Inquiry-based, Interdisciplinary, and Meaningful

A long-time member of my professional learning network, Alanna King, posted today about “wrestling with math.” Alanna’s son has found his way into the meat grinder that is math education in most schools, and she is thinking about his struggles in light of her reading of Building School 2.0 (recommended). We all […]

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February 14, 2016 Mike Gwaltney no responses

Top Reads This Week – February 14, 2016

“Education ought to foster the wish for truth, not the conviction that some particular creed is the truth.” Education as a Political Institution, by Bertrand Russell: “That App is My Life” – Teenagers and Snapchat: 3 Biases that Negatively Affect the Decision to Hire a New Head of […]

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February 7, 2016 Mike Gwaltney no responses

Top Reads This Week – February 7, 2016

Why kids – now more than ever – need to learn philosophy. Yes, philosophy:  How do you prepare children for an unknown future? Innovative model: Are ‘Micro Schools’ the new Competition for Private K-12 schools? Personalized, nimble: Schools in Finland will no longer teach ‘subjects.’ What of the Finland […]

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iBooks as Public Products

Authenticity is central to excellent project-based learning. In a recent post I explained that to create a meaningful and effective PBL experience, teachers should envision a product that meets a real need, or one that is used for or by real people outside of school. By doing work that students understand has […]

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