NAIS ’13 + EdCampIS ’13 Resources

I was fortunate to be able to attend and to lead sessions at both the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference and EdCamp Independent Schools last week in Philadelphia. Here are some of the resources I used in my four sessions: Leading with High Quality Project-Based Learning, NAIS […]

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OESIS 2013 Digital Citizenship Session Resources

Resources from the Presentation: “Robust and Responsible Digital Citizenship”, given at the Online Education Symposium for Independent Schools. Slides: Group-created Digital Rights and Responsibilities:

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OESIS 2013 – “Tearing Down Walls” Presentation Resources

Resources used in the presentation: “Constructing Community Online: Building Relationships and Global Understanding by Tearing Down Classroom Walls”, given at the Online Education Symposium for Independent Schools. Slides (pdf):¬† Quad Blogging: Sample Blog –> Age of Exploration Blog: Blogging Assignment: Blogging Guidelines: Commenting Guidelines:

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Teaching in the 4th Information Age

I’ve been reflecting yet again on how much has changed since I began my first day of teaching a little more than 20 years ago. I plan to write frequently this year about how I teach history courses for this information age, not for the last. Hopefully, the writing will […]

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A Conversation About Big Shifts

Independent schools across the country are beginning their school year with long days of faculty/staff meetings dominated by talk of new policies or procedures, and instructions about how to manage events in September, among other activities. Unfortunately, what’s usually missing are big picture conversations about how we all might rethink […]

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