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Distinguishing the Open part of Massive Open Online Courses

With the news of Coursera adding 12 new universities, the blogosphere erupted yesterday with stories of disruption, the end of Higher Ed as we know it, and some tentative hope for general social improvement. Not lost on a few bloggers though was the important point to note that Coursera isn’t […]

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Questions for K-12 as the Niche of Higher Ed Shrinks

The move of a dozen more top universities to join Coursera’s Massive Open Online Courses is all over the news today. If you missed it, try these two articles at the NY Times, and Insider Higher Ed. Stanford University’s president said last spring that a tsunami is coming. Today, Georgia Tech […]

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Walled in on the web? Limits of the LMS.

I’ve been thinking for some time about the pedagogical implications of teaching within a Learning Management System. Mostly I’ve been thinking about how limiting the walls of LMS are, and how they keep learners apart. Though we in the K-12 sector often talk about online learning’s promise as allowing us […]

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Response to ‘school is too easy’ survey, Huff Post article

I was interviewed via Twitter and email yesterday about a report released this morning by the Center for American Progress, claiming students find school too easy and that what is needed are more “rigorous standards”. I’m sure I was just one of a number of educators the writer interviewed, and […]

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Cycle Drifting for #udrift

This summer, I’m taking several online courses, of different kinds. One or two are MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), depending on your definition, and another is a mobile learning course, which pushes the boundaries of what we think of as “online”. The Urban Drifting course is about learning with mobile apps, connecting […]

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