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STEM needs PTHB – ITSC ’11 Day One Wrap

Day One at ITSC ’11 closed with a Keynote by David Zach, Futurist. Keynotes are often meant to mostly be provocative, and that’s what I think Zach was up to. Among some very interesting things he suggested (and some suggestions were very good) was that we stop thinking and speaking in 140 characters, which I took as a shot across the bow of those of us who advocate for Twitter – not a popular position to take at a conference like this, and I don’t think I agree with him. However, a point Zach made STEM really resonated with me: it’s not much use to be focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, if you’re going to discount Philosophy, Theology, History, and Biography. “The former is not much good without the latter.” (Thanks to Zach for the image above.)

All in all, a great Day One for the conference. Day Two promises to be excellent, with some sessions led by the “who’s who” of the Ed Tech world. Peter Pappas (@edteck) and I will coordinate updates and summaries throughout. I hope you’ll come back to read the blog and follow us both on Twitter.

Here’s the ITSC11 Day 1 Prezi. Enjoy.

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