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Moyers: The NRA has brought a Great Fraud into our History

People will be surprise to find what they may consider to be a political posting on my blog. But this only seems like common sense to me.

Doesn’t it just seem like common sense that we should consider practical solutions in the wake of yet another mass gun tragedy? As Bob Schieffer put it today:

“This is not about ideology; it is about the safety of innocent people, and going to the movies without fear of being killed. …we’ve allowed the lobbyists and the partisans and the ideologues and, yes, the people who make money out of politics, to take control of the argument and shift it, from common sense to endless hairsplitting, meaningless rhetoric and ideological talking points designed to avoid blame – and fatten campaign war chests.”

So this post is part of my small effort to to take back a little common sense on this topic, and to demand consideration of public safety. You can see it as political if you wish.

Most people I know would agree with Schieffer’s statement above, that we have the right in our communities to feel safe, free of worry that a fellow citizen might bring a military-grade weapon to bear on us at any moment. What place do such weapons have in our communities? None. Few Americans would disagree, and those that do are the problem.

In the Huffington Post today, Bill Moyers points the finger squarely at those who have manipulated our system, saying a “great fraud” has entered out history – namely that “the Second Amendment’s guarantee of a “well-regulated militia” be construed as a God-given right to purchase and own just about any weapon of destruction you like.”

Bill Moyers Essay: Living Under the Gun from BillMoyers.com on Vimeo.

Ultimately, the intention of the 2nd Amendment should be only a side issue. What matters more is the hope that we can have a civil society. It’s a historical fact that guns and harmonious society can’t exist in North America, and our laws must be changed. As a people, we’re going to need to show we give a damn, and hold our leaders feet to the fire. From our city councils to Washington D.C., it’s time our politicians started exercising some common sense, or we must do so at the ballot box.

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