Project-based Learning

“How Project-based Learning Creates Engaged Citizens,”
Edutopia: goo.gl/IS4PrF.

“For a High School Government Teacher, the US Political Mess is Educational Gold,”
PRI/NPR: goo.gl/HHdzLP.

“Oregon Class Creates Alternate Test for Citizenship,”
PRI/NPR: goo.gl/8im2ac.

Educational Technology

iBook Designed, Written, and Published by Students in a Technology-rich, Project-based American History course:
Cold War Stories, Apple iTunes Store [link]

A Digital Portfolio I built recently to Demonstrate Excellence in Leading with Educational Technology:
My ISTE Coach e-Portfolio [link]

Innovative Programming / Curriculum and Program Design

Blended-online cultural competency course “American Story:”
“Living The Vision,” OES Magazine, Winter 2015

What Students Say

“This is the one class where I learn for the sake of learning, not for a grade.”
A Love Lost and Found: ageofex.wordpress…

“I never like to sit still, I prefer active learning, this class really works for me.”
A Different Learning Style: ageofex.wordpress…

“This class truly connects people to create solutions, and enhance meaning.”
Thanks GPC: governmentpoliticscitizenship.wordpress…

“The freedom to choose my own topic and style of project has pushed me to consider my interests and expand my ideas. I’m feeling that learning is to be enjoyed, and that it is a personal exploration as well as an academic one.”
Researching, to Understand My World: ageofex.wordpress…

“As a boarding school student living in the middle-of-nowhere, an online course seems like heaven… A door to the rest of the world!”
Liberated Online: osgapusgov.wordpress…

“My project team collaborates across 4 different time zones. This project allows us to form views and let our ideas come alive. After all, we are 21st century learners!”
Learning to Collaborate: osgapusgov.wordpress…


Mike Gwaltney