History Education in a World of Information Surplus

In light of the realities of the 21st century, I think all history classes should be interdisciplinary courses about current events, taught backwards.

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Is this the best High School in America?

It’s not my question, it’s The Daily Riff’s.  And it’s probably not the correct question to ask – there are certainly many different ways of doing school that will work well. So, maybe a better question would be “What makes a great school?” Let this video about High Tech High […]

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Math is dead. Long live Mathematics!

Recently I watched a TED talk which got me thinking about Mathematics in a way I hadn’t before. To cut straight to the video, scroll down. Let me be clear at the start of this post: I’ve had a difficult relationship with the academic subject area called “Math”. I did […]

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Why Teachers Should be on Twitter

Laura Walker (@mrslwalker) recently posted her 9 reasons why teachers should be on Twitter. Three of them really resonated with me as these are concepts always on my mind, and frequently in conversations with colleagues at my school: collaboration, reflection, and innovation. I have no doubt that most educators on […]

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One Innovation Enhancing Learning

Karl Fisch keeps an excellent blog and is the co-author of the video “Shift Happens”. He’s experimenting with flipping homework and classwork in his math class, and it’s making a difference already (read Fisch’s early observations here). A couple of my math colleagues are finding this works as well, and […]

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Mike Gwaltney