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Top Reads This Week – February 14, 2016

“Education ought to foster the wish for truth, not the conviction that some particular creed is the truth.” Education as a Political Institution, by Bertrand Russell:

“That App is My Life” – Teenagers and Snapchat:  

3 Biases that Negatively Affect the Decision to Hire a New Head of School:

1. Priming bias: identified weaknesses of the present Head get outsized value in hiring.
2. Halo bias: a candidate’s current highly regarded, prestigious school becomes a proxy for the candidate’s collective attributes.
3. Beauty contest bias: a candidate’s interview and likability overshadow the discipline and rigor of amassing evidence that proves he/she has the needed leadership attributes.

Do elite colleges really lead to higher salaries? In Science and Math, no. In Liberal Arts, Yes.

Why and How to Take a Team Approach to Technology at Your School:

To Rebuild a School Technology Program, Leaders Must First Arrive at Common Ground

Guess what? You Already Have All The Skills You Need to Succeed. You really do. 


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